Mr. Tramp Rhodes

MrTramp Wurlitzer VST

MrTramp Wuralitzer® Electric Piano model 200 simulation.
It’s a physical model, that means that all the sound you hear
is 100% generated in real time. No samples at all! It features
all the nuances and coloration of the real instrument, such
as the noise of the hammers, the noise of the dampers,
certain in-consistences between a note and the next The last
5 notes (from G#6 to C7) don’t have dampers so they’re not
stopped when the respective keys are released. Features a
built-in tremolo with adjustable intensity, fixed at 6 Hz.

To install just decompress the download file and put the
MrTramp.dll in your SAWStudio VST-Plugins folder. When
you start this plugin it has a donation screen that will time out
after 15 seconds. If you like it you can always give the
developer a couple of euro’s if you want. BACK

Download this plugin

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