ProShade Final Full Mixer Design SawStudio

ProShade Full Mixer DesignClick to enlarge

Here is a picture of the Full Mixer design. I really thought it was time for the Full Mixer to have a more workable design, most shade designs have it looking hard to differentiate everything and the meters are useless for accurate metering, static mix setup..ect because they have no reference of the db scale that you can see like in the Zoom and Wide Mixer views IMHO.

I took the time to calibrate the Full Mixer meters to the Zoom Mixers and than added in lines and numbers to help people see the metering in the Full Mixer as accurately as in the Zoom Mixer, the meters are to the pixel identical at the db lines. I think this opens the door to use the Full Mixer more as the ProShade unlocks it’s potential. The rest of the interface has been redesigned to not be just six spaces that look similar and make it very hard to understand what is turned on or active. The new ProShade design helps you see the different sections of the channel very easily and see what is on or active with ease.

IMHO the new full mixer design in the ProShade is going to have people using the Full Mixer a lot more with ease and confidence in metering and efficient mixing like never before.  

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