ProShade is in development!


Its a tool not art

Its a tool not art.


It’s been a while and I had to start all over but now the ProShade is in full development and coming along great. Let me say that this shade is being made under the philosophy of Modern, Easy on the eyes, No Bling, Great level sight and Choice. In the picture you can see the Mulitrack and the Zoom Mixer in Brown which is one of the four colors the ProShade comes in. The colors where chosen from real world mixing consoles and some tweaked from those. After using the ProShade for SAWStudio/MidiWorkShop you will start to understand the philosophy and find yourself looking at controls,audio and data rather than colors and shinny blingy things… after all a DAW is a tool not a piece of art. #sawstudio #midiworkshop  

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