TDR Kotelnikov wideband Dynamic Processor

TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor that is extremely good. You can use it as a Compressor or Limiter with confidence, it will not effect your mix other than doing the job it was made for and that is to help you control your mix levels without being an overlord polluting your mix with itself. This unit is extremely transparent making it great for the mix bus, your tracks or mastering, it really is that good. Take some time to watch the introduction video, it’s hard to believe it’s free and if you want for 40 euro or a bit more US you can get the Gentlemens Edition, do not be fooled the free edition is very good and works in SAWStudio great. In a 60 track session with it on the output buss it only added 18% on the Retro buildBACK

Download the plugin from the developers site now

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