What Is SawStudio?

What Is SawStudio?

 SawStudio is one of the first Digital Audio Workstations made for Windows back in the early 1990’s when the only other option was Pro Tools for Mac. SAW is an acronym for Software Audio Workshop and was developed by Bob Lentini. He is a self- taught coder who wanted to create what he personally needed, which was a Mixer/Recorder/Effects software package. Once created, he marketed it. The software did not require the use of expensive sound cards, but runs well on a large variety of options.

SawStudio is different from other DAWs in that it bypasses Windows Kernel coding.. Most of SawStudio’s code is in Machine Language making it a lighting fast stable DAW. The whole program is under 5mb in size and installs in a single folder on your C-Drive under the name SawStudio, installing takes only a minute or less and the program starts up in seconds. There are no system ini or .dll files installed in your registry. If you delete the SAWStudio folder, every reference to the program is gone!

SawStudio has its own plugin format called IQS and the program also supports both the DX and VST formats. If you don’t like the look of the program, it is easy to change by applying a new Shade or Theme of which there are many here at LearnSawStudio.com for you to choose from. All Midi for SawStudio is done in an add-on program called Midi WorkShop that which is locked with rock solid timing to SawStudio. You can record, edit your favorite VST instruments in Midi WorkShop.

SawStudio in 2017 will run on Windows XP as well as on the latest Windows operating systems. Its claim to fame is that it runs rock solid and sounds great.

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